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17 May

Was my last post really over a month ago? Hmm… sorry.

In my search for design elements, I found a whole underground of barcode art.


Barcode Revolution



21 Jul

Makin’ progress!

The 2009 Book List


18 Jun

Remember my silly rationale about how I may be able to do some ‘fun’ reading without gouging my eyes out during my lighter last semester of college? Absolute horseshit. I still can’t feel motivated to read, yet. Textbooks have drained my soul of all love.

So I asked my good friend, Jill, to help me with this predicament, and a few days ago she lend me a fat volume containing all the parts of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I can’t believe how entertaining dragons and princesses are, even when described in cliches and written for 14-year-olds. Way to go, young adult fiction. Way to go. Okay, next book list: we’re taking it easy. One at a time.

The NEW 2009 Book List


23 May

I got properly smashed on my 22nd birthday (not hard) and played games with friends. It was a fun birthday, and I discovered just how much I liked hitting things with balls and hitting balls with things. After bowling, we played pool at the Crystal Corner. Madee and I shared a round of pinball before closing time, and by then, I was telling her that she’s got to “push the buttons with passion”.

Devin also funded our pinball game with a quarter from the Children’s Leukemia donation basket.  We’re (very guiltily) returning 3 more quarters — in the meantime, we must endure dirty looks from the regulars and the bad karma! (sigh)

Girlfriend’s birthday > Children w/ leukemia

To get one's drunk on.

To get one's drunk on.


18 Jan

Ah, reading. My joy outside of college. Perhaps this coming semester, saner I hope, will allow me to pick up a book without gouging out my eyes at the thought of processing yet more information.

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