9 Mar

When Devin and I set up our aquarium a few months ago, we threw in ten bright orange freshwater fish called Amandae tetra, or by another name, Ember tetra. Apparently, they’re pretty unique fish that have only recently been discovered in the Amazon river (don’t quote me on that). When we got them, I asked Devin if they will reproduce and he told me that it was impossible — they rarely breed in captivity.

Guess what I found yesterday? Two rice-sized baby tetras hiding in the dense vegetation.

small and hiding

Of all the animals that we keep in our house, I think the fish are the happiest, if you can attribute that emotion to fish. At least to me, they seem the most content with their situation, or perhaps oblivious. They exhibit the most normal behaviors, and go about their small lives defending their territory, hunting for food, reproducing, chasing each other, and exploring the tank. Anyway, I’m really enjoying having them around.

delicate and shoaling


One Response to “embers”

  1. sunsetflame05 March 31, 2010 at 12:26 am #

    Wow! That’s absolutely cool! I’m so jealous! Maybe you guys can help me set up a good environment for my fish! (well I don’t really have many fish — only a sucker-fish and a beta-fish)
    That’s so cool!

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