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23 May

I got properly smashed on my 22nd birthday (not hard) and played games with friends. It was a fun birthday, and I discovered just how much I liked hitting things with balls and hitting balls with things. After bowling, we played pool at the Crystal Corner. Madee and I shared a round of pinball before closing time, and by then, I was telling her that she’s got to “push the buttons with passion”.

Devin also funded our pinball game with a quarter from the Children’s Leukemia donation basket.  We’re (very guiltily) returning 3 more quarters — in the meantime, we must endure dirty looks from the regulars and the bad karma! (sigh)

Girlfriend’s birthday > Children w/ leukemia

To get one's drunk on.

To get one's drunk on.



20 May

I’m pretty pleased to have graduated and ended it all with my best semester grade-wise. The university invited some dude to talk about baseball at our commencement ceremony, and the other old white guys solicited us for money. The best part was sitting through at least 1,000 names as my rear end became increasingly sore, listening as the announcer called out names like “Wu Tang” and “Sam Iam”. At one point, the announcer dropped a name slip and said, “Oh shit!” into the microphone, then proceeded to laugh about it and hold up the hand-shaking that was happening on stage.


what’s new

19 May

graduation gifts

Graduation gifts: a) Buddha art book, b) diploma folder, courtesy of the university,  c) calligraphy book, d) antique illustrated Moby Dick bound in leather, e) moleskin & writing/drawing book, gift from Devin’s parents.

deep shit

9 May
Deep Shit played last night at Get Bent Press aka shady undisclosed location in Madison. Holy man. Projectile bodies everywhere. My foot got stepped on, and Devin had beer thrown into his face. It was pretty tame though, considering only moshing occurred. No roof jumpers, no tofu flying across the room, no tattoos given out to unsuspecting passed-out individuals, no unintentional sexual acts in the kitchen. Only Lima, Ohio rivals the madness that Deep Shit is reputed for.


So in replacement of a sample, here are pictures.     

Deep Shit in hellhole Lima, Ohio (where all of the above *did* happen).
Lauden Anthony Matt Andy Devin

Devin being greasy ew