18 Jan

Ah, reading. My joy outside of college. Perhaps this coming semester, saner I hope, will allow me to pick up a book without gouging out my eyes at the thought of processing yet more information.

The 2009 Book List

  1. A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway
  2. The Stranger, Albert Camus
  3. Watchmen, Dave Gibbons & Alan Moore
  4. Blindness, Jose Saramago
  5. Childhood’s End, Arthur C. Clarke
  6. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, short pieces by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  7. Orion, Jan-Feb issue
  8. The Severed Wasp, Madeleine L’Engle
  9. The Well-Dressed Ape: A Natural History of Myself, Hannah Holmes
  10. The Sierra Club Nature Writing Handbook, John A. Murray
  11. The History of the Siege of Lisbon, Jose Saramago
  12. The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman
  13. Encounters with the Archdruid, John McPhee
  14. The Best American Science and Nature Writing, compiled by Jerome Groopman

The list is compiled for my own convenience and motivation, but feel free to be inspired or reminded of titles that you’ve intended to read.

Recommendations & suggestions are always welcomed.


2 Responses to “books”

  1. six_twentythree January 19, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    Where be Watchmen? I remember handing it over to you to take back to Madison.

    • may_dog January 19, 2009 at 10:00 pm #

      Actually, I wanted to finish it so I didn’t have to subject it to traveling wears. It’s in my room in Bloomington.

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