21 May

Yes. You heard me. Moving.

We’ll just say that WordPress’ media organizational scheme leaves one wanting. Tumblr it is. And what’s even better? I get to satiate my design itch. Go!

Goodbye. The End.

fire dancing

18 May

Paul put on a fire dancing show for all the pot-luck goers at Morgan’s country home. Here are a few pictures of the performance. Taken 5/16/2010.


17 May

Was my last post really over a month ago? Hmm… sorry.

In my search for design elements, I found a whole underground of barcode art.


Barcode Revolution


31 Mar

Devin gave me flowers to congratulate me on the last day at my internship. Sooo pretty, and reminds me of the other time he got me flowers.

A bouquet from a couple days ago. Lovely purple carnations, daffodils, roses, ferns, tulips.


10 Mar

our fish


9 Mar

When Devin and I set up our aquarium a few months ago, we threw in ten bright orange freshwater fish called Amandae tetra, or by another name, Ember tetra. Apparently, they’re pretty unique fish that have only recently been discovered in the Amazon river (don’t quote me on that). When we got them, I asked Devin if they will reproduce and he told me that it was impossible — they rarely breed in captivity.

Guess what I found yesterday? Two rice-sized baby tetras hiding in the dense vegetation.

small and hiding

Of all the animals that we keep in our house, I think the fish are the happiest, if you can attribute that emotion to fish. At least to me, they seem the most content with their situation, or perhaps oblivious. They exhibit the most normal behaviors, and go about their small lives defending their territory, hunting for food, reproducing, chasing each other, and exploring the tank. Anyway, I’m really enjoying having them around.

delicate and shoaling


17 Jan

Already!? I suppose a projection into 2010 is warranted, since January is already well on its way.

I’ve noticed that magazines and internet news have degraded into lists of all sorts — the only thing that interests Americans are Top Ten This-and-Thats. There is definitely a growing pool of lazy readers and writers contributing to this phenomenon. So, while I am super tempted to just make a list, I am shamed into actually writing paragraphs.

A Projection of 2010 in More Detail Than You Are Prepared For

Last few days I’ve been working on a business proposal/contract for a web design job. The contract went from an initial 1 page to 4, but I think I covered myself pretty well contractually and legally. Not to say this particular client will do me wrong, but I’ve worked with enough difficult biz-snatches to be smart about getting things on writing.

Devin is applying to the Science Curator Fellow at the Bronx Zoo, after being nudged again by the current Herpetology Curator there. He has a good chance of getting the job, and if he does, then we’ll be moving to NYC on *very* short notice. The Herp Curator mentioned wanting someone by springtime. Meanwhile, I’m helping him format his curriculum vitae, and he’s trying his best not to be snarky when getting my criticism (ha!).

I am working on a fellowship application also, involving a pitch letter to the Middlebury Environmental Journalism program to get an assignment in Madagascar. I’ve been eying the program details for about a year and a half now. One day, I just sat down with my typewriter and wrote out an entire first draft of the letter. Don’t know how that happened, but I’m blessing my lucky typewriter. Something about a blank Word document suppresses the hell outta me, and  I end up filling the page with ungainly sentences and going “Blah!” at the end. My thinking and writing is freer when I’m using the typewriter, probably because it forces me to keep going rather than erase everything I don’t like (which is everything). But it’s coming along smoothly. I’m on my 3rd draft or so, almost ready for some outside review. Next: rewriting old pieces to submit as writing samples.

Will be in Madagascar in a few months. Pretty much as soon as Devin finishes his book, and we scrounge up some money to send our butts overseas.

Isalo National Park: one of the places I'd like to visit in Madagascar.